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Find Your Everlasting Inner Bliss.

Bei The Blissful Path lernst dich und deinen Körper selbst zu akzeptieren, dein Bewusstsein zu schärfen, mit Ruhe und Gelassenheit Vorgänge in deinem Körper und deinen Gedanken zu beobachten und diese zu akzeptieren.

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Welcome at The Blissful Path - my name is Stefanie and I am guiding you on the path towards your unconditional bliss.

After years of traveling and experiencing teaching Yoga abroad I am now offering Yoga courses in St. Pölten and Online.

„Fall in Love with taking care of yourself. Mind. Body. Spirit“

Yoga im Freien - Summer Edition

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Steffi has a unique charisma. Her soothing voice guides relaxes you through the yoga class. I could follow her easily as a beginner and also felt nicely relaxed after the session. Anytime again!

Raphael P.Marketing

As a former 'Yoga refuser' Steffi took me by the hand and showed me what Yoga really is. To find calmness - getting to know my body better - time to focus on what really matters in Life - Love<3 She definitely gets 10 out of 10 Yoga-Mat-Points from me!

Erna Lisa RupfConsulting

Yoga with Steffi is simply awesome! The classes are individually created and not only offer relaxation but also are focussed on a main theme with which you get to know your body better. Through all her diverse trainings Steffi always offers advices for Yoga practices if there are any bodily issues.

Verena Brabec-WolfOrganic Farmer

I followed Steffi's online Yoga courses during the pandemic and I am totally in love with her. She starts with some minutes of meditation wich really helped me to stay in a calm, meditative state during the whole yoga session. She makes it easy for beginners to follow and has such a lively and enthusiastic energy that I felt invigorated and refreshed after each session. Love her!


Steffi always succeeds to have me completely relaxed by the end of the classes, achieved through her sympathetic appearance, her positive energy and her calming presence. She also offers good advices when something doesn't go as well as on other days.

Anna B.

Steffi is a very unique person. One just feels at ease in her presence. The energy healing was great! I actually felt which body areas were 'treated' during the session. It was a truly amazing experience and it also helped me personally a lot. It definitely wasn't the last session :D I also attended an Online Yoga Class once - for beginners (such as me) perfect :)


Thank you for the beautiful journey during the PranaVita treatments. Through Steffi's intuitive and empathic Being, I always feel very well taken care of and empowered. She has a positive, caring and compassionate way of treating others. Her presence allows to feel warmth within the heart. I am very grateful to enjoy such a precious guidance through the PranaVita sessions especially in this phase of my life.


Steffi schafft es einen in eine andere Welt zu versetzen ohne abzuheben. Ich kannte Yoga davor nur wenig und bei der ersten Stunde beim Entspannungsteil bin ich doch tatsächlich kurz eingeschlafen. Besser gehts nicht! Mir gefällt, dass jede Stunde anders und gut überlegt ist und ich finde es immer sehr spannend mich auf die Reise zu mir selbst zu machen! ♥️🕊

Susanne Tauschl

Ich leide unter chronischen Rückenschmerzen, ich bin aber keine Sportskanone. durch das regelmäßige, sanfte und tiefgründig üben mit Steffi merke ich immer sehr schnell eine Linderung. Ich bekomme die Zeit mich in meinen Körper reinzuspüren. Dafür bin ich so dankbar und kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

Renate LaussermayerShiatsu Praktikerin

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